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CollegeHaze.com is your source for everything college. While we strive to provide you with all the best college tips to help you graduate college, we also know that there is more to college than just studying for exams and writing papers. College is also about hanging out with friends, endless nights of beer pong, and having the time of your life… before the parent fund dries up, and reality of working the rest of your life sets in!

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We have neatly organized everything you need to survive life in college, save money, and all around minimize the time you spend studying in the library or writing papers, so that you can spend more time enjoying college.

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College parties are a big part of the college experiences, and we have put together everything you need to have the best time of your life while in college. We also have valuable tips so that your good times don’t completely get in the way of the actual reason you are in college.

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We are constantly in search of the best college gear. We have everything from college apparel to dorm decorations, and even the coolest drinking gear, including portable beer pong tables. All in one store to satisfy all your college shopping needs. Shop safely and quickly in our secure college store!

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Drinking games are an important part of the complete college experience, so much so that we have given them their own section. Find out rules for your best college drinking games, and submit your own favorite drinking games to help other college students on the road to inebriation.

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Finally keep up to date with CollegeHaze.com by checking out the CollegeHaze Blog, From the Haze, for all of the latest news, product reviews, and promotions.

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Drinking Games

Even if it just you and your college roommate looking for drinking games for 2 people, or you already have a bunch of people over and are looking for a good party drinking game, our college drinking games collection has the right game for you!