College Classes

The College Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is one of the most important things you will need in your arsenal to achieve success in college… maybe more important than even your textbooks! It is so important that we strongly advise that if you attend … Continue reading

More Class Scheduling Tips

In “college class scheduling 101” we covered the basics, as well as the importance, of class scheduling. In this section we will discuss how to schedule that perfect class schedule. During my time in college it always amazed me how … Continue reading

How to get an A in College

Whether you have chosen your major, or are still undeclared, trying to get an A in your college classes should be your top priority. Every course, as insignificant as you may think it is at the time, may be the … Continue reading

Class Scheduling 101

Scheduling your classes in college is one of most important things you will have to do each semester. Not only is it crucial if you plan to graduate, but proper class scheduling can be the difference between a great semester, … Continue reading