Drinking Accessories


Once you have decided on a college party theme, it is time to start getting the party supplies together. Besides the theme appropriate supplies (drinks, music, decorations), we have put together a list of college party drinking accessories that should be required for every party.

Ice Luge Mold

HELP NEEDED: The BoozLuge is currently unavailable, so we need a new, possibly more awesome ice luge… Suggestions??

Ice Luge

An ice luge should be a necessity at every college party, but unfortunately the logistics of acquiring an ice block, carving the luge, and avoiding a wet mess, is often too daunting for most college students. Luckily for us, there is the BoozLuge!! Simply fill up your boozluge the night before with water or your favorite juice, set it in the freezer, and forget it! Come party time you will have a perfectly sculpted ice shot luge without any of the hassle of an ice block.

NCAA Portable Beer Pong Table

Beer Pong Table

A list of essential college party supplies wouldn’t be complete without a beer pong table on it! We prefer a NCAA Portable Beer Pong Table for our parties. Great way to show your school pride not only at your next party, but anywhere you go! FREE SHIPPING NOW!



The Doozy Strap

Doozy Strap

How many times have you misplaced your new beer among a sea of wounded soldiers? or lost momentary hand strength and dropped your beer? Even once is a discouraging feeling. That’s why we fell in love with Doozy Strap. Your beer will always be safely around your neck while you are playing beer pong or hitting the ice luge. More Doozy Strap Info





Some of you might be thinking by now, “Why didn’t they include a beer bong on the list of essential college party gear?”. That’s because we were fortunate enough to cross paths with the Bierstick. Although it make look intimidating, the Bierstick is actually a lot easier than a beer bong and still just as quick! ON SALE NOW!!!


Beer Belly

The Beer Belly

Never pay $8 bucks for a beer again when you can use the Beer Belly. Think about it… $8 beers x 5 Beers = $40. At $34.95 the Beer Belly pays for itself on your first use. The Beer Belly can be used practically anywhere. No more “Dry” Stadiums or overpriced vendors! The bladder has a wide mouth opening allowing for the addition of ice (Margarita Time) and for easy cleaning. Buy a Beer Belly Now!!


Have a suggestion for another must-have college drinking accessory? Let us hear it…


  • Nate gray

    A product you might be willing to sell on your website?
    My product is a 40 inch latex tube men can wear like a condom but the other end goes inside your pant leg & comes out buy your shoe allowing you to pee directly on the ground. It works. Believe me. Forget porta-potty lines!!! Check it out

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    • Matt

      It’s definitely solving a problem. Have you got much interest in it? Seems like a lot of work strapping that on every time you drink.

      It would be great for avoiding those long bar lines. You can go right at the bar!

  • Mike

    Check out Vert Pong (a vertical beer pong type game). VertPong.com Please contact us for more information. Much more fun than beer pong and much more profitable too!