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Drinking games are an important part of a well balanced college life. The perfect equation to achieve this equilibrium is 3 parts school to 2 parts partying. That way you can maintain your grades, and still drink and party your way into oblivion, being careful not to put yourself in The Canyon for an addiction problem. After days of studying for an exam, or submitting that paper you have been working on for weeks, it is finally your time to let loose and party… and there is no better way to get the party started than with a fun drinking game.

Even if it just you and your college roommate looking for drinking games for 2 people, or you already have a bunch of people over and are looking for a good party drinking game, our college drinking games collection has the right game for you! That is the beauty of drinking games; there is a game for every situation. From the simple card drinking games to skill games like beer pong, you are guaranteed to have a good time!

Most of the drinking games in this section can be played with a simple deck of cards, some dice, or even just a healthy amount of booze. We also have a wide selection of drinking games in our college store for those of you looking to take your college partying to the next level!


College Drinking Game Resources

Beer Pong Games, Rules, Tables, Etc

Beer Pong is the greatest drinking game of all time, and it’s only right that it would have it’s own section.

The 7 Best College Drinking Games

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of drinking games to choose from. While most of the drinking games you find will offer some level of entertainment for you and your friends, these games are the best of the best!

Drinking Games for Two People

Whether it’s a night in with your roommate, or you just want to kill sometime before going out, it is important to have a couple two person drinking games that you can play.

CollegeHaze.com Kings Cup Rules

Kings Cup (also known as Circle of Death, Kings, Donut, Oval of Fire or Ring of Fire) is a drinking game played with a deck of playing cups and a large cup (the Kings Cup). Just like the different names for the game, Kings Cup has even more variations to it’s rules. It is quite common to have differing rules even within a group of friends.

Kings Cup Rules Variation 1 | Kings Cup Rules Variation 2 | Other Kings Cup Rules

CollegeHaze.com Power Hour Guide

Power Hour, or it’s bigger brother Century Club, are an easy and entertaining way to start off any night. Both drinking games let you enjoy your favorite music, or classic video clips, that will make for a lot of good conversation.

CollegeHaze.com Bar Golf Guide

Bar Golf takes drinking games to the next level. Although it takes more effort to prepare for than any other drinking game, Bar Golf will turn a night out at the bars into an event as you and your friends become a traveling circus act migrating from bar to bar.

College Party Drinking Accessories

If you are tired of playing the same old drinking games, and using the same old beer bong, We recommend checking out some of the latest in college party drinking accessories.

Drinking Game Categories

Search for drinking games to play using the following categories:

Drinking Board Games

Here are some drinking games that use a board, whether by altering the rules of a classic board game, or a board game designed specifically for drinking.

Popular Drinking Board Games | Complete List of Board Games


Card Drinking Games

Find fun drinking games that require nothing more than a deck of cards to play.

Popular Drinking Card Games | Complete List of Card Games

Coin Drinking Games

Find fun drinking games that require nothing more than the quarter in your pocket.

Popular Drinking Coin Games | Complete List of Coin Games

Dice Drinking Games

Have some dice? Have some alcohol? Look here for fun drinking games that use dice.

Popular Drinking Dice Games | Complete List of Dice Games


Endurance Drinking Games

Endurance drinking games are generally not for the amateur partier. These drinking games are won by outlasting your opponents, and are guaranteed to get your night started(or finished).

Popular Drinking Endurance Games | Complete List of Endurance Games

Luck Drinking Games

Frustrated by the skill required to play beer pong? or just want to get drunk without thinking too much? Luck drinking games are for you!

Popular Luck Drinking Games | Complete List of Luck Games


Skill Drinking Games

The most popular drinking games generally involve a certain level of skill. This allows for friendly competition as players compete to decide who is the best. Not very skilled? Well in a drinking game, every loser is still a winner!

Popular Drinking Skill Games | Complete List of Skill Games


Speed Drinking Games

Want to get drunk? Now? Speed drinking games get straight to the point.

Popular Speed Drinking Games | Complete List of Speed Games


TV/Movie Drinking Games

TV/Movie drinking games incorporate some of your favorite tv shows, sporting events, or music, and turns them into a fun drinking game.

Popular Drinking TV/Movie Games | Complete List of TV/Movie Games

Verbal Drinking Games

Verbal drinking games can be challenging tongue-twisters or other word play that can be played anytime, anywhere! Provided that you have beverages.

Popular Verbal Drinking Games | Complete List of Verbal Games